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Pinnacle Sentinal Owners

PommieroguePommierogue Posts: 55
edited February 2011 in Road beginners
Anyone out there own a Pinnacle bike? Looking at buying one as my first road bike and would welcome any feedback or experiences people have of the brand.



  • I've got a Sentinal 3.0, I'm pretty pleased with it. It all works and nothing stands out as being particularly creaky/rubbish.

    Can't give too detailed feedback since the bike I had before it was a P.O.S 70's racer with friction shifters and godawful brakes, so no idea how it stacks up against the competition.

    I will say this though, I don't find it a very exciting looking bike; grey frame and naff graphics.


  • Thanks for the reply Nick. Tempted by the big discount available at Evans. Guess I need to go for a test ride.
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