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topcattimtopcattim Posts: 766
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Can anyone recommend me an iphone cycling app? I only really want it to play with, rather than to give me any vital information (I already have all I need on my cycle computer). But I like the idea of being able to upload my rides after I've completed them, and compare my times over certain sections to my previous rides, and to look at elevation etc.

I've got imapmyride but as far as I can see, neither the free nor the paid version offers comparisons between different rides. Cyclemeter seems to do that and more but the only reference I can find on this forum doesn't seem very complimentary.

Anyone out there have any experience or advice?


  • mattsawmattsaw Posts: 907
    Not cycling specific, but MotionX-GPS is one of the best I have used.
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  • Cycling Log is a very simple training diary app for the iPhone.
    It's ideal for me as I don't have hundreds of pounds of garmin equipment just a Cateye and a cheap cycle computer reading the rear wheel for when I'm on the turbo.
    You simply imput the ride details, mileage, duration etc. You can add notes, mark it out of 10 for effort, classify the ride as Interval, Endurance etc and the view it all in easy calendar view format.
    You can export data via email as a back up, view summary info I.e. Weekly or monthly totals etc.
    It's simple to use and ace and only 59p!

  • I have been using cyclemeter on my iPhone 3GS for the last few months. Only stopped using it as I got cycle computer and deleted the cyclemeter app by accident.

    I was really happy with the Cyclemeter app. I liked the way it logged the rides and I found the app very easy to use. I also liked being able to sit in bed with my iphone and log my rides on my exel. I can never be bothered to take the CC off the bike, so I end up noting all the details down in a note document on my iPhone.

    The downside o the cyclemeter app is that it sucks battery power and if you are out on a long ride, you could end up stranded as your phone will run out of battery because the GPS has sapped all battery power! Thankfully I also have a wok blackberry, so I could use that to call people if I got desperate :D

    Compared to a CC, I found the Cyclemeter app was about 500m to 1km out on distance and this depended on what mood it was in. My commute s 9.7/8km to work according to the CC. Cyclemeter says anything from 9.7 to 10.8!!
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  • I use Cyclemeter, i have never has issues with obscure speeds or anything. Works great for me. You can also export and import routes
  • dhopedhope Posts: 6,699
    Randomly downloaded Cyclemeter last night having used Runkeeper for a while. Did get some odd speeds on the way in - no way I hit 34mph fixed in London traffic - but it looks quite polished. I like Runkeeper's logging to the website though so Cyclemeter will need to be very good.
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  • +1 for Runkeeper. It has the occasional glitch but it is great for logging rides when combined with the website. I find the programmable interval training on the Pro version (which I think is now free) to be very useful. They are constantly working on improving it, and the street team function is good for tracking my friends rides to give me some encouragement when feeling less motivated.
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  • +1 more for runkeeper plus now its Free :D
  • +1 more for runkeeper plus now its Free :D
  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    I have a few. Cyclemeter is the worst, Motion X is the best, for accuracy.

    For road riding, most will suffice. For mtb, Motion X is the only one to use as it uses OpenCycle maps and is pin point accurate.
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  • Thanks for all those replies. I've now installed both Cyclemeter and Motion X, which both seem pretty good - now to do all the necessary riding to test them out. I particularly liked the feature on both that sends an email update on my location. I haven't been able to get that to work properly yet on Motion X but if I can, I know that my wife will worry less about me lying in a ditch somewhere...
  • wadprwadpr Posts: 7
    What about 'endomondo'? Its free and it automatically uploads all the data to the website. I find it very useful. It gives you a very accurate data including no of calories burned as it takes into account the altitude.
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