Anyone gone from Arione to Antares?? Thoughts?

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Considering trying the Antares - grateful for any feedback - especially from anyone who has also ridden an Arione? Cheers
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  • nochekmate
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    I've got an Arione on one bike, my Colnago C40 and an Antares on another, BMC Pro Machine.

    Personally find the Arione more comfortable, the Antares has a harder feel to it. No expert but that's my two penneth worth. We're all different though!
  • Hi. I've gone from Arione to Aliante and find the Aliante much comfier.

    My Arione was secondhand when I aquired it and found it ok for the first couple of hours, but any longer and the saddle started to give me grief.

    My Arione has a centre section that seems raised above the height of the sides and after a couple of hours this section starts to press up on the nether regions.

    I was determined to make my Arione work, mainly because of the good reviews that it gets and resisted trying the Alliante because it was not a racing saddle.

    Wish I'd changed sooner.

    8) 8) 8)
  • I have both. The Arione I find is slightly more comfortable than the Antares, but both do a good job. Don't think you can go wrong with either really.
  • Sammyw23
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    Cheers. Do you find the Antares more supportive on the sit bones because of the extra width?
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    I've got Arione's on both bikes. Just got an Antares and Aliante off ebay to test so find this interesting. Reason for the experimentation is that over the winter for some reason I started to get pain during rides. Only thing I'd changed was slightly lowering the saddle. After getting hold of the Antares and Aliante I spoke to an experienced rider who explained that Arione comfort is all about the angle. On his advice I spirit level set the saddle, so the front part was at zero degree's. Rode it yesterday and it's so good I'm not sure I'm gonna try the other two saddles!

    So try this before you swap, not the other way round as I did :oops: Still, only a few quid and it upped my rating....
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    Had an Arione for about a year.....gradually started to fall out with it though.....the thin nose was digging deeper into my crotch and putting excess pressure on the soft tissues. Have now had the Antares for about 9 months and find it far better. The wider nose and rear support me better and relieve pressure and put it over a greater area. I highly recommend!
    Having said that, saddles are so personal, see if you can get a tester - thats what i did and meant I didnt have to drop >£100 without knowing if I'd like it (fizik tend to give the orange ones to bike shops to test out)
    Hope that helps.
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    I have ridden Ariones for a number of years.

    Thought I'd give the Antares ago but found very different to to Arione. Suffered with numbness in the never region and real arse bone ache.

    Cut my losses and moved it on and bought another Arione
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    Tried them both, prefer the Arione.
  • Sammyw23
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    Update for anyone interested......

    Picked up an Antares from ebay and did first test ride yesterday. My god what a difference. Its harder and the padding is less plush (but denser) but all of my weight is taken by the sit bones whereas on the arione I was taking the full weight on the nether region.

    Sit bones need to get used to the increased pressure but that should come with time.

    Just feel like I've finally found the right saddle and needed to tell someone!! :lol:
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    Nce to see an update to a thread . I take it you couldn't get on with the aliante?
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    Yes I have changed from Arione to Antares, I just couldn't get on with Arione as the wing flex cuts down the sides in the words of Bart Simpson 'ate my shorts'

    I love the Antares, got the same on all my bikes now. Yes they are flat, with little padding but I feel the shape is more suited to my butt shape than the Arione. (The Arione feels like a knife in comparison)....and the Antares doesn't wear my bib shorts in two holes either!

    On my tri bike (clip ons) I have an Ares (watch the spelling on that one) now that's one hard and unforgiving saddle!
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    Have any of you tried the Pave? I have one and am curios to know how you think it compares. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    It took about 750-1000 miles for my sit bones to finally gel with the Arione, I now have them on all my bikes.

    For road riding the saddle needs to be spirit level perfect and it then works good, but I did have problems with my track bike at Newport, my saddle was too high and I figure than it might need to be slightly sloping to stop it pressing down as my seat post is rather high on that bike.
  • Sammyw23
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    I did try the Aliante that came on the bike but didn't get on with the curved rear end and as soon as I tried the Arione knew I preferred a flat saddle with the freedom to move around. It was just that the 130mm width of the arione meant that I wasn't taking my weight on my sit bones at all.

    Still early days though.....big ride tomorrow so say a prayer for my undercarriage! :shock:
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