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PigtailPigtail Posts: 424
edited February 2011 in Road stolen
Thoughts on this guys?

Does it seem likely?


  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    Got to be nicked. Too cheap. The retail price was £5499 for this bike in 2010.
  • PigtailPigtail Posts: 424
    I wondered if it actually exists - could be a scam of some sort.

    The ad doesn't even give a size.
  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    No reason given or anything you would actually expect of someone that loves a bike. Stay away. Lets hope if it is nicked the owner is watching.

    If it's a scam not sure what they are after. Lets face it. It would either be some sort of cash on pickup or via Paypal or Credit Card Company.

    I do believe that most people are honest but this is too good to be true and any of us recognise this. There are also all sorts of scumbags out there,
  • morxymorxy Posts: 114
    Just reported it to Gumtree as possibly fraudulent, pointing out that the retail price is £5699. That's £5000 more than the sale price. Also, the reason for sale - "to buy a new bike with electronic shifters" - seems a bit illogical. The SL3 makes a perfect host for Di2.
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