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llandegla condition?

spudly1979spudly1979 Posts: 172
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hi, heading up to llandegla on sunday, just wondering if anyone knew what the condition was like? Most of the routes around me are mush!

Also - are all the trails now open, cos a lot seemed to be closed according to the website recently?

and the new black bit open yet? :lol:


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  • I rode up Llandegla last week and although it's a little muddy in places the place is holding up pretty well considering the weather we've had over the last few months.

    As for whats open and closed the blue run from the bottom of the rollercoaster was closed on Sunday but the new true blue was open (plenty of casual/slow riders though), a section of the Red run is/was closed but not sure how long for and as far as i know all the black is open

    By the new black i take it you mean the new freeride section? If so it was open on sunday
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  • x3manx3man Posts: 85
    Went yesterday, did the black and red routes, and conditions were good. A bit damp but nothing too bad.
    The only bit I noticed that was closed was the red section after the steep switchback climbs on the black. The detour takes you back onto the red just before the triplets.
    The new black bit is open (Parallel Universe), and it rides great. Real fast and swoopy.
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