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Just wondering if anyone has had any experiene with B-Twin bikes. I am going to look at a B-Twin sport 3 that was brought last July and spent most of the time under cover in a garage. It will be my first road bike

What are they like and how much should i pay, would be a great help???

Cheers for your time



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    B-Twin bikes are from Decathlon and won the C+ award for something a few years ago. have a look at your nearest branch I'd say.
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    my first road bike was a Btwin Sport 2 Ltd.... at a stupid price of 169 quid.

    Being a bit of a newbie I didn't really clock the fact it had a standard double mind you, a 42 as the inner ring as well mind you, went to a compact quickly!

    I have switched to a 10 speed groupset now mind you (it was sora 8 speed)

    The only 2 things I feel that needed to be upgraded, tyres (I got so many punctures straight away) and the brakes/brake pads, as they were like cheese :)

    Anyway, I've had it for over 3 years, its gone through each winter with me, and I've put many thousand miles on it.

    The sport 3, i see is 599, at that price I would be tempted to look at a specialised allez etc
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  • Cheers!!!

    Guess the best thing to do is go take a look and have a go!
    He has advertised it at £350 which sounds a bit much to me? But he said it had hardly been ridden and cost £600.
    Seen brand new one on ebay for £399 too.
    Iv not really ridden road bikes before is there anything major to look for when seeing if the bike is the right size?

    Cheers again!!!!
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    The Sport 3 is end of line now and is not being replaced like for like.It going to be Shimano Tiagra gearing for 2011.
    Which groupset does it have on?The early ones came with full Mirage and the later came with Xenon as Campag stopped production of Mirage.
    I had one for 18 months and its what got me back into road cycling after 12 years off.Nice comfy frame and a reasonable weight too.
    As with all bikes, check the frame carefully for knocks and bangs, true wheels etc.
    If its black and yellow it will be 2007/8 if its white and yellow it will be 2009/10, if its silver and yellow its pretty old
  • I picked up a Sport 3 last month. Brand new for £500 and a bit of bargain for that money, I reckon.

    Aluminium hydroformed frame with carbon seat stays
    Carbon fork
    Ten speed Campag groupset with Truvativ triple chainset
    Look pedals
    Oh and a set of lights included

    Even at full retail of £599 you'd struggle to find a better spec'd bike andI know I looked. In fact got very close to getting a Boardman from Halfords in the sale but for the moeny the B-Twin swung it.
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    Ive got a Sport 1 as my 1st road bike - use it everyday of the week and for the money you can't go wrong
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    JUST RIDE!!!
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    i use a decathlon sport 7.1 (now renamed btwin) every day for commutting - paid £250 new - no real problems - gotta be the best budget bikes out there.

    Must have had it for about 5 years now.
  • Brought the bike today!!!! Been for a short blast and it seems great!! Not having a road bike before i didn't really have anything to compare it with, but it felt really comfortable and responsive. Runs smooth and looks a good quality bike. Looking forward to putting many happy miles on it.
    Thanks all for your help and advice, much appreciated!!!