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Hi everyone,

I just moved to Guildford and looking for riding buddies in the area. I’m newbie on the single track stuff but pretty fit and not bad skill level for a beginner. Been to the hills around Peaslake a couple of times and had no problems with the routes I’ve been shown.

Let me know if you fancy meeting for a ride or can point me in the right direction to find some riding buddies.




  • Hi Chris,

    Also live in Guildford and theres pretty good riding round here. It's always worth checking out the London Calling thread as theres normally a ride in the surrey hills arranged for a sunday.

    Normally up for a ride of some sort most weekends, I know the area fairly well but theres plenty more out there.

    Either put something on here or the london thread or can PM me if you want to meet up on a weekend.

    Hope you find your way wau round or give me a shout if you want to meet up.

    Pieman (also a Chris)
  • cooldad
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    Welcome and what Pieman said.
    Have a look in London Calling. We ride most weeks in SH, Swinley or Tunnel Hill.
    Planning an early one Saturday in Swinley and a Sundayride at Tunnel Hill.
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    London Calling on Facebook

  • cooldad
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    simon. wrote:

    I live in Guildford too; it would be great to find someone local to ride with.


    Again, take a look in the London Calling thread. Regular rides in Surrey Hills, Swinley and Tunnel Hill.
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    There is no secret ingredient - Kung Fu Panda

    London Calling on Facebook

  • vikingboy
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    Another guildforder here but off bike due to injury. Happy to hook up for some evening rides or weekends. Some good stuff round here
  • pieman71
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    As posted before, keep an eye on the London Calling thread.

    Now with the light evenings hoping to get out when possible, so good to get out after work.

    Will hopefully be heading to holmbury tonight abouy 5.45/6ish if anyones interested.

  • Garry73
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    I due to start a new job in May for 3 months, so would be interested in meeting up for rides Mon - Thur evenings.

  • njee20
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    I'm up for some Wednesday evening rides potentially.
  • Atz
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    I'm likely to go out Swinley-ish tomorrow evening after work for a quick one. Can't be bothered charging my lights up so chances are it'll be short but sweet.