New frame - htc highroad s works Tarmac sl3: components advi

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Just put my deposit down on an htc highroad s works Tarmac sl3 frame. Very excited as they are only bringing in 50 at the moment.

The question is how to finish it?

Here is the current plan:

SRAM red (limited tour edition yellow)
Sworks handlebars, stem & seatpost
Look keo max pedals yellow
Saddle - either fizik ares (yellow) or sworks romin (white)
Wheels - bontrager aelous 5.0 (green or yellow) or Easton ec90sl clincher
Yellow fizik bar tape

Any advice would be welcome, I do have a budget of £5000 so I can play. A little bit, but I can't go nuts with the wheels.

Lastly for anyone interested in this frame they should contact a specialized concept store ASAP.


Barrie :D


  • clx1
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    Sounds fantastic but I think you could improve on the wheel choice, I would look at Sram, Mavic or Fulcrum.
  • This will be an awesome bike.

    Go for the yellow saddle.

    Best wheels for this build would be Cosmic Carbon Ultimates with original yellow decals from ebay. Supremely stiff and light. Might be overbudget though.

    If you wanted to go clincher then i'd go for Zipp 404 Firecrest and get some yellow decals from ebay.

    If both of those are overbudget then Corimas are still available in clincher and tub with yellow decals, and are superb wheels.

    If that is still overbudget then I'd look at some cosmic SLRs/SLs with yellow of course.
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    I'd replan as well if you're on a budget - a seriously nice frame :-) needs good wheels, if you are stuck on budget then look at deals on the standard red or even force? likewise the bars and stem don't have to be ridiculously expensive (lots of pros have standard alu bars and stems rather than trick carbon stuff) as the bars get covered in white tape

    seat, go with the one that fits you, if this means a charge spoon then do it, you're the one riding the bike, your bum will thank you :)
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    For that frame I'd max out the wheels as best as I could without compromising the groupset too much (ie not RIval :wink: ) and +1 for Eds comments about stem and handle bars you don't need to pay silly money to get something stiff and light.

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  • Open minded on bars & stem, also may go for standard red & save £200. Unfortunately I am being lured into colour matching

    Was looking at cosmic carbone slr last night £1400 notes? That would take me to the limit.