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Anyone here use Wiggle?

Speedo_KingSpeedo_King Posts: 6
edited February 2011 in The bottom bracket
Hi, noob here, I noticed that Wiggle sell a lot of cycling gear and just wondered how everyone finds them?

I've had an issue with them recently over some swimming trunks I purchased some time ago. The problem was that they seemed to have several large holes in them. I phoned Wiggle to complain but they fobbed me off and told me that the holes were to put my legs through. I was a bit dubious about this so I asked my mate, who's a seamstress to have a look at them.

She was equally as confused as I was but while she had them she replaced the nylon drawstring with a liquorice shoelace.

I thought I'd give them a go but the first time in the pool the liquorice drawstring disintegrated causing my trunks to end up around my knees and leaving a sticky mess in my shorts.

I'm not normally used to getting my backside out in public and it was very embarrasing for me. I have blamed Wiggle for the whole episode and aksed them to send me a new drawstring as it's clearly their fault. The idiots originally sent me a packet of Haribo but these are absolutely no use at all as I discovered after spending three hours trying to stuff Tangfastics into the waistband.

I wouldn't usually complain in public like this until it's settled but they've had twenty minutes to come back to me and have failed to do so.

I'll keep you posted.


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