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I seem to have an issue with the chain coming off my bike. This seems to happen to me quite a lot (by which I mean once every couple of rides) and has been happening post and pre-service. It tends to happen when I go for a hilly ride and the chain comes off the fromt ring when I shift from small to big. I've been living with it for a while now but it happened four or five times during the Kentish Killer sportive at the weekend and I was pretty hacked off by the end. I guess it could be some mechanical problem but I'm wondering if it is something that I am doing wrong with the way I change gears. If I am doing something daft (it wouldn't be the first time) can someone give me any tips on how to avoid this issue? And actually any tips on gear selection generally would be greatly appreciated as I've been making it up as I go along so far and definitely not always getting it right.

I ride a compact by the way.

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  • Have a look at the front derailleur, there will be 2 screws on it. A higher and a lower limit screw, these adjust how far the derrailleur moves when it changes from one ring to another. It sounds llike its moving to far and throwing the chain off the big ring
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    Take it to a bike shop. They'll sort it in a minute. It's either, as JImBob says, the outer limit screw needing a turn or the derailleur is overshifting the chain and requires some fettling at the barrel adjuster. Mountain bikers generally have to sort these things after every hard ride. Learn how to tweak your gears by checking the Park Tools site or watch the bike shop mechanic at work.
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    wind the limit screw in a little and ease the cable tension off to match. the cage is just shifting a bit too far over, not much though so dont go mad.