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Hi everyone im Phil, ive been into bikes for a while but nothing more than just the general bike ride. I'm from North Lincolnshire and just bought a Carrera Fury from Halfrouds. Hopefully ill get alot of hints and tips as i cant buy something without modifying it, mainly VW's though.



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    Welcome to the forum, but a question. Why insult (or attempt anyway - spelling) the company that has just sold you a very good bike at an excellent price?
    I don't do smileys.

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  • Its mainly a car thing, everything seems to be expensive and rubbish. Hopefully the bike will be completly different, pick it up friday so plan on going out on sat/sunday if i can find a decent route not to far away.
  • If you change anything get rid of the suntour forks and get Rock shox or something else. Pref. Air.

    Sorry I don't like Halfords serrvice, yet to find a staff member who can service a bike.

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