bikeboxalan boxes - 2nd hand values?

Dr M
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I know these boxes get rave reviews (, and am thinking of either hiring one, which will cost me about £100 or.... splash out £400 and buy one.

I dont know how many trips i'll do in the future though so am a bit hesitant to buy one, but the other side if the arguemnt is if i did 4 trips then it would work out the same as hiring!

Anyone know what sort of prices they go for 2nd hand on ebay if i decided to buy one and then sell it if i didnt use it very often?



  • sungod
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    on ebay i think 250 quid upwards

    i got one last year, they're good boxes, great service and fast delivery

    if you've got the dosh and space to store it between trips i think it's a safe investment
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  • much cheaper and better and longer hire! win, win, win! ... 6_303.html
  • sungod
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    that hire price is cheaper

    but i'd still buy a bikeboxalan

    when i was choosing i read posts across several forums plus wiggle, general opinion was that the scicon one was not as good, mainly due to the wheels being prone to damage, but also saw comments on the bits that hold the skewers coming off, the closures are fewer, handles not so handy, and it's a bit heavier too

    the bba ones was designed by a guy who used to repair scicons and decided he could do a better job

    the bba is a smidge cheaper, has more/better closures, and a central metal anti-crush pole, so it can be stood on by baggage handlers :-)
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