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1999 Zaskar LE rebuild.

twonkstwonks Posts: 554
edited April 2011 in Your mountain bikes
As a result of a thread asking over the suitability of this frame, the decision was taken to build it up and not spend £300 or so on a new frame.

The work and result is as below.

Starting place.

Then a few bits

And a few bits more

And a few hours of swearing gets.

A few hours more


Kit list

Frame - 1999 Zaskar LE Cosmic Sunrise (18")
Forks - 2006 Reba air U-turn 85-115mm
Crankset - Aerozine Carbon wrapped 22,32,44
XTR HTii btm bracket
XT Front mech
XTR Shadow rear mech
XT 8SP shifters
XT 8SP block
Elixir R 185mm front brake
XTR V rear
Easton Monkey lite carbon bars and seat post
Race Face good and evil grips
LX spds
Formula disk hubs with WTB dual duty XC rims
Hutchinson Pirahna tyres

Wheels are donated from a Giant FS bike that now has my DT wheelset on to make it lighter for the youngests daughter, so I will be looking to replace these soon.

However for now an initial ride round the block suggests it is going to be quite a trail centre weapon :)

Very impressed with the old girl.

Not sure on weight yet, but it is quite light even with the anchors rotating.

Thoughts and comments welcome.


  • warrior4lifewarrior4life Posts: 1,127
    I just love the old Zaskar... Never rode one but I'm picking one up this weekend.
    So much more style than todays GT's.
    Nice work keeping the legend strong.

    The Zaskar is the icon that can still go!
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    In cosmic sunrise too, I lusted after that frame, fetch good money!

    Still great frames, as above. Even my old 96 LE is under 4lbs for the frame, and rides superbly. Currently running 80mm Manitous, Crossmax wheels, Avid Arch Rivals, XTR rear mech, LX cranks and a smattering of light finishing kit.
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