15mm hub with no nuts

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My front wheel has a bit of play in it, it is running quite smoothly with no horible noises, but I can feel the play in the bearing when rocking the bike with the front brake on (the headset does not have play in it) and also rocking the wheel side to side.

It is the original wheel that came with my Carrera Fury with epicon 15mm forks. The hub has no markings on it.

I would normaly not have a problem nipping up a bearing, but this one has no nuts! is it that it cant be adjusted, in which case i will put up with it until it dies, or is there a way of tightening it that i don't know of?

All help greatly appreciated.



  • nicklouse
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    cartridge bearings. not adjustable.

    end spacers off, drift out the bearings and replace.
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  • Thanks for that.
    How do u remove the end spacers? lever with a screwdriver?

    Cheers, Ben
  • nicklouse
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    depends on how they are fitted. C clips? press fit retainers? rubber O rings?
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  • The cone shaped parts in the pictures (guess these are what you call the end spacers) are completely made of metal, no o rings or c clips etc. to be seen.
    I guess that means that they are press fit and would need to be levered/ pulled out?

    Do you know if there would definatley be a replcement bearing for it (and even the size?) and if there is an easy way of removing the end spacers without damaging the hub?

    Thanks again for all your help
  • red eye
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    They should pull of try levering out with thin blade scewdriver,

    if that fails then an old screw driver with the blade bent 45- 90deg might knock it out from the opposite end you might not even need to bend the screwdriver

    there will be bearings for it they are all standard sizes the size will be the number on the seal