How to remove air cartridge - RST XMO O2 forks (circa 2000)

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How to remove air cartridge - RST XMO O2 forks (circa 2000)

I would like to remove the plastic air catridge from the alloy stanchion.

RST XMO O2 forks, bought around 2000.

The catridges unscrew as at least one of them did... but I cannot remove the other one as it is too tight.

So any ideas on how to unscrew it? (yes, I have removed the circlip!)

I tried using an expanding bolt fitted into the centre but this kept slipping; my other idea is to use a flip bolt - this will allow me to grip it from below and using a nut/washer from top to grip it via the hole, try to undo it that way.

below can see the black plastic top of the air cartridge, with circlip and air valved still fitted

a view of the forks.

yes. I've contacted RST and no use nor is the manual.

Access from below by removing the fork lowers won't help either.


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    as you may expect, I contacted RST in various places and RST-USA say that this is not their fork LOL!!!

    Despite the fact that it is and has their name on the user manual ..... :evil:

    oh well, I achieved what I wanted to do - that is to fix air leak on one side but wanted to take the other (non-leaking side) apart for a clean up - guess it it ain't broke, then leave it ..... :?

    ..... but it will still bug me :(