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New carbon chinese frame

graememacdgraememacd Posts: 386
edited February 2011 in Your road bikes
Here's a pic of my new carbon Chinese/R838 style frame. I've only just built it up so its only been out for a quick 20 mile ride, very impressed so far though, it seems quick and fairly comfortable and really smooth compared to my old trek 1.5



  • Nice! That looks an awful lot like a Ribble Stealth...........

    What size is that frame? Could you post a pic of the left hand side, every pic seems to be of the drive side.

    Thanks, hope you can help :D
  • ChrisszChrissz Posts: 727
    Looks pretty good - what was the total cost of the build? Any idea on weight and got any better pics? :)
  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    Better pics are needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • It is the same frame as the ribble stealth but i got it straight from china rather than through Ribble, the weight was about 17-18lbs.
    I'll try and get some better pics up at the weekend
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    Lookin good!

    I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while and not sure whether to buy from ribble or china. How did the build go? Any problems?

    I'd like to know about the ride too, I thought this one might be a little aggressive and was thinking of going for the Fm015 or was it the FM028. Anyways whichever it was yours looks sweet. What size is it?

    :?: questions questions :?:
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    Spec list ?
  • The frame size is quoted as 522mm (BB to top of seat tube) as for the build, i got my LBS to cut the steerer and fit the headset, they didn't say there was any problems and got it done pretty quickly, the rest of the build was pretty straight forward with no major problems, everything seemed to slot together ok and it was done in an afternoon.
    The ride is a bit racier compared with my old trek 1.5 but it felt pretty comfortable with nice sharp handling that still felt quite neutral, and I presume because of the carbon it made for a much smoother ride compared with my alu trek.
    I bought it from carbonzone on ebay so was a little concerened reagarding quality but looking at the frame i needn't have worried! also there's no problems with import tax as the invoice supplied with the frame said the value was around $100
    The spec is as follows

    Shimano 105 groupset
    easton vista wheels
    easton EA70 bars and stem
    FSA K force carbon seat post
    selle italia X0 saddle
  • ChrisszChrissz Posts: 727
    What was the price of the frameset including P&P?
  • max888max888 Posts: 206
    That's the same frame as the De Rosa R838. The lazy sods didn't even rename it. Looks awesome in matte black. All you need now is some deep sections :D
  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    Chrissz wrote:
    What was the price of the frameset including P&P?

    It's about £370 from carbonzone on ebay but they seem to be out of stock at the moment as it's been taken off their listing
  • The carbonzone model name is the RB004, they probably do have it in Stock you have to email them first
  • CarbonCopyCarbonCopy Posts: 492
    edited February 2011
    Well done G i like it alot and at that price it is a bargain.Carbonzone seem to sell 50mm carbon rims tubulars and clinchers it would be nice to see some on your bike :D
  • More pics mate :D:D
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