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Mobile choices? plus broadband???

jim453jim453 Posts: 1,360
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My mobile provider (orange) has just started charging me ten pounds extra a month for being out of contract (some loyalty discount or other ran out when I went over 18 months).

I am perfectly happy with my phone though it is probably censored in comparison with new I phone type handsets. It's some kind of plain sony ericsson with actual buttons. However I am forced to upgrade to get the loyalty discount back or 'an even better deal' according to the guy at orange.

He then started banging on about an all in one broadband and mobile package with some particular handsets.

I'm not a technophobe as such but the whole thing is a little bamboozling.

Anyone got any experience with orange broadband?

I'm with BT at the minute and I have to say, the conversations i've had with some of the lovely members of their customer service teams in Mumbai have been some of the most acutely stressful and frustrating moments of my life. Nice guys, but can't help at all.


  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Home broadband is on BT and tbh I have generally had good service. Even had to use the CS service once and contrary to your experience it went quite well albeit I did have to listen hard to understand all that was being said to me!

    Use Orange Mobile and Mobile broadband and find it meets my needs albeit as BT openzone is now just about everywhere (Citywide) and I can get on it free as part of my BT package I am going to ditch the Orange mobile dongle shortly.

    My Dad was on Orange broadband at home and he never had any issues with it. Just got lured to BT when his broadband tie in ended and co-incided with a call from a nice lady at BT who offered him a BT vision box and new homehub for free if he signed up
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