back prob /riding fitness.

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OK here's one for the middle aged like me "I ADMIT IT"
To start the year i wanted to get back to a good leval of fitness ,so i could ride to work least twice week ,distance to work shortest possable safe route (20 miles),avoiding majority of main roads as local drivers seem to ignore bikes or see as fair game.
Would ride in for afternoon eve shift ,sleepin as support work,ride home following morning after morning shift.

My stumbler. Not riden properly since last summer if being totally honest, so had short 8 mile ride mid jan ,no probs.
Did ride last wed up to mates from work 7 miles of nearly all up hill ,67 mins,had chat n water n snack with him ,rode back same route mainly down hill now took 25 mins hiting 35/38mph on trip counter.
did afternoon shift till 10 pm drove home.
Had good sleep got up thurs am,early,nipper up for school routine, making tea, feeding dogs n bent down to right to scoop dogfood out tub n OUCH ,WTF,sharp pains lower back,just above hips, BACK SEIZED ,had to reach for painkillers diazepan as i had total spasm took 15min to calm so could walk straightish ,my day off too !
so phoned doc, prescribed rest n pain killers n diazepan ,self certified till monday as wrk wkends,saw doc monday am , put me on sick for 7 days as still tender in back n risk of self injury if we had kick off in wrk ,as part of job can involve PBM use/restraint.

Now feel good should i do some short rides now to loosen up or just keep walking, n leave bike at home for a bit longer.?

Best time scale to build towards goal of riding to work 2/3 times week.?
Adding to this I'm just short of 6ft,medium biuld n carrying abt13 stone weight wise, had previous back probs couple years ago , seeing my oesteopath fri eve, not felt need for last 2 years, prev probs was hip mis alignment n did crack vertibrae in neck 10 years ago due to over handle bars job in a bog !!! :D
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