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ill after duathlon

hicko37hicko37 Posts: 80
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hi i completed my first ever event at the wk end the fearless duathlon, really hard but good fun all the same. since then i feel like ive been hit by a bus. feel really drained, got none stop stomach cramp, head ache and chest is really tight. is there some supplements or shakes i should of/or can take now that will help my body recover. thanks.
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  • Sounds to me like you've just physically exhausted yourself, dehydrated yourself and had too many sports powders or something.

    Drink some coke or ginger ale to start releiving the stomach cramp, and make sure not to eat really fatty foods for a bit as that will make it worse. Try eating breads and alot of carbohydrates to get the stomach lined again. Head ache just seems like dehydration, so keep chugging plenty of water.

    As far as really tight chest, I have no idea about that one, never experienced that myself so can't say what would be good.
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