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Gary's Bikes Bristol

sporting woodsporting wood Posts: 62
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Anyone used them and have any feedback?

I need a new bike built up and was considering using him because it's a steel Audax and I think he's experienced in such things.

My other option was going to be The Bike Workshop up on Colston St. I considered Strada but they want £140 which is a lot more than anyone else have asked for.


  • ..... no experience of gary's bikes so can't comment. but I say your right to give Strada a miss. They built a set of wheels for me, and were a nightmare to be honest. so much so that my free "true up after a month or so" will be paid for and done elsewhere.

    for a small pretty well stocked (good brands) shop, they were big disapointment
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Gary has been in the bike biz for years, approx 10 that I know of. Don't be too surprised if you get find some chops when you get the bike back as the family name has a few butcher shops in Bristol. Most of the build you can do yourself, depending on how much you need doing. I've only resorted to having my LBS, cyclelife, install the headset for me. the rest of the bits I've got tools and skills for. Spread it over a few nights and you'll learn more and save more.
    Drop all the bits round and I'll do it for a oner :lol:
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