Service XT M-770 Shifter..?

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This winter has been really harse on my MTB with loads of bits needing regular attention.

While fixing one problem I noticed that the access screw (gives access to the shifter to fit new cable) was missing. What with all the wet, muddy and gritty rides I've been on I 'm worried that crud has gone into the shifter and is gradually doing its worse.

Can XT shifters be serviced..? They look very delicate, I dare not take the cover off cos I suspect bits will fly everwhere, What about just lubing it up with some (not aerosol) lube like Finish wet lube.

Any ideas?


  • DCR00
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    taking the cover off is fine

    i had to remove to get a piece of electrical tape out of the shifter after it came off the end of a cable i was pushing through

    just open and give it a clean
  • You can completely disassemble them and put them back together. Admittedly it took me an afternoon to take apart, clean and mainly reassemble a deore LH lever...

    They are incredibly tricky to put back together but it is certainly doable, alternatively you could just crack the cover off the top, flush through with loads of degreaser and re-grease.
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    No need to dismantle at all. Just take the top off, spay it with loads of WD40 or IPA etc .... to flush all the crap out, gently wipe down then re-grease. Bits should not pop out when you take the cover off so its all quite straight forward.
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    Just be carefully when you take the cover off not to snap it. Otherwise as the others said, flush out and dry. You can take the indicator windows apart fairly easily though if you need to clean those out.
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  • Cheers for the advice, I'll add it to my list of jobs to work through.