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My discs squeal on braking and I have read that copperslip on the backs of the pads cures this, whats the advise here opinions please yes or no ?


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    this question usually provokes big arguments throughout the cycling fraternity.

    usually, you can get rid of squeal by cleaning your rotors and perhaps filing your pad down very slightly to remove any signs of grease, dirt or other squeal provoking substances.

    Copper grease is used on the back of car brake pads, hence the cross over to bikes - it can work, but often its not needed and when it is used, people always get nervous about the grease touching pads or braking surface.

    If i was you, i'd clean everything and see if that works.......
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    Yes done all the usual cleaning rotors, pads cleaned, calipers cleaned ect, it seems it is caused by vibration from the back of the pads on the pistons, will try a small touch of red rubber grease instead as not to keen on copperslip for reasons you have stated.

    Will advise results.
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  • This is often caused by pad mis-alignment. Try slackening the screws that hold the brake calipers in place. Pull hard on the respective brake lever which will re-align the pads with the disc. Keep the presure on the lever as you tighten the screws and 'hey-presto'. If you can't reach the screws as your applying the pressure get someone to either sqeeze the brake lever for you or get them to tighten the screws making sure you/they don't overtighten them! (use a torque wrench)
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    and in the FAQs we have a response form one brake maker.

    have a read
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  • My brakes squeak quite a bit to start with, all I do is break and keep pedalling and they stop squeaking in next to no time.
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