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Singular Swift - Alfine 11 speed

crank1tupcrank1tup Posts: 21
edited September 2013 in Your mountain bikes
Very happy with my new toy :D

Singular Swift - Alfine 11 speed

Current intended use - commuting but planning to experiment with singlespeed when I get fit.

Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[img5285973264_1ab4474ce5.jpg
Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[/img][img5285969892_f74b5c24c8.jpg
DSC02339 by richburgan, on Flickr[/img][img5285369993_d451acf206.jpg
Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[/img][imgurl=[email protected]/5285968182/]5285968182_accabafac1.jpg[/url]
Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[/img][img5285368323_38481f002e.jpg
Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[/img][img5285991772_3356425a8d.jpg
Singular Swift - 11 Speed Alfine by richburgan, on Flickr[/img]

Frame: Singular Swift (XL)
Forks: Singular Swift (comes with frame)
Bars: Ragley Carnegie
Stem: Thomson Elite
Headset: Hope
Grips: Odi Rogue Lock-on

Brakes: Shimano XT M775
Hoses: HEL Braids

Shifters: Shimano Alfine 11 speed
Hub Gears: Shimano 11 Speed Alfine SG-S700 32H
Sprocket: Shimano Alfine 18T

Seat: SDG Bel-Air Ti
Seat Post: Thomson Elite
Seat Post Clamp: Hope

Cranks: Middleburn RS8 X-Type
Chainring(s): Middleburn 32T
Bottom Bracket: Hope Stainless BB

Wheels: Mavic TN719 Disc
Spokes: DT Swiss Double Butted
Front Hub: Hope Pro 2
Tire: Schwalbe Big Apple 28x2.35 Liteskin Tyres 60-622

Weight: Unknown


  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 10,309 Forum Tart 2010
    Absolutely stunning. The simplicity of these always amazes me, clean lines and gorgeous to look at..... very nearly came close to buying one a couple of years ago.....

    Top Drawer! 8)
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    How is the fork with those brakes? flexy!
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  • Thanks Big Cheese!

    Yes nicklouse the forks are a little flexy and takes some getting used to, they are fine however for my commuting at present; have yet to try them off road. The XT brakes do afford quite a lot of modulation and am quite pleased with them.
  • That frame is beautiful !! Where would i find one :D
  • Andy!Andy! Posts: 433
    nice quality build there 8)
  • Thanks All.

    The Schwalbe Balloon Tyres were a revelation, really comfortable ride but low rolling resistance.

  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Rich, never heard of them...but I'm buying one!! :lol:
  • Hi Fenred.

    Do you mean the Singular frame?

  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Absolutley! Been toying with the 29er idea for a while and having seen your build and looking at their website I think Im sold!!...Would be perfect for my style of riding, terrain I ride, ideas and ideals....
  • You won't regret it, the finish is great..even the inside of the tubes are anti-rust treated. I think the frame is one of the best all round/do-it-all options.

    Ordered my through Head for the Hills in Dorking, they also did the build. They accept Cyclescheme vouchers as well which helped keep costs down.

  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    I wann know about the hub, how good it will be off road?
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  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    OK, thanks Rich!

    "The 1 bike does all" approach is the plus for me! Love the way they sell as rigid/HT/CX all in one package...Whatever takes your fancy on any given day. Im a big on-one advocate but really loving the versatility of the singular swift!! :lol: The anti rust treatment is a massive bonus for a steel frame so dont mind paying that price (bearing in mind the forks will go in the bin in favour of carbon rigids and susp forks.
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    VWsurfbum wrote:
    I wann know about the hub, how good it will be off road?

    Not read too much about the alfine 11 but the 8 speed that Genesis put on the ioid and charge put on the duster was reputedly bulletproof.
  • Hi VWsurfbum.

    The 11 speed Alfine hasn't been out long so only time will tell regarding longevity when used in anger. Things that potentially detract from it's offroad capabilities are weight and the requirement to ease off cranking for a split second when changing up a gear. For commuting however, it's perfect and pretty well weather proof. Before hitting the trails I will probably have a singlespeed wheel built; with the other components fitted I expect it to be a respectable weight.

  • My build was completed just before Christmas and couldn't get hold of the 11 speed in the UK, had to purchase one from Germany. Did the same with the Schwalbe Balloon tyres.
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Be interested in your views as to how it rides off road Rich...gotta say i'm sceptical about the extra weight of the Alfine hub vs rear mech and cassette weight plus agerage weight of a male rider being 11 stone+ hanging over the back end of the bike??
  • callcall Posts: 1
    Hey man,
    An epic bike to say the least. :shock: My dream bike for sure. So I was just wondering, now we're a couple years down the line, how the bike is treating you? Do you still have it? Did you find the Alfine troublesome? Has it taken a back seat to any better 29ers in your garage? Hope you see this reply on such an old post.
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