Can i fit a bigger disc to my disc setup???

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I've recently bought a clarks cable disc brake but the disc won't fit the retro hope bulb hub that's got a 5 bolt spider on it. Does anyone know If i can get hold of a 160mm 5 bolt disc from anywhere or can i fit a bigger disc as i've found somewhere that sells 165 and 185mm discs


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    yep just get a appropriate adapter for the calliper and the fork/frame.
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    is it IS or porst mount?

    I fitted cable operated brake, post with IS adapter that is for 160 mm disc, but disc is 165 mm and used a pair of washers to move out the caliper by 2 mm (that is 4 mm out in diameter terms)
  • Load of them on fleabay for <£10...just be warey, the black cheapo ones have very poor tolerances and usually take a lot of messing with to get the brake to align
  • What is IS or porst mount??? it's a brand new caliper bolted to an old school set of forks with the old style disc mounts. I'll try the washer method if i can get a disc from somewhere.
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    IS mount - caliper bolts are in line with axle.

    post mount have the bolt perpendicular to the axle

    the washer trick will not work wiht IS as that will move one pad closer to the disc. with post mount , adding washer moves the body out thus accomodating a bigger disc.