Brain setting,nothing wrong with personal taste,right ??

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Based on my weight( 170 lbs/77 kg) my shock should be at 210 psi,rebound at 2 to 5 clicks from full return and Brain at 0 to 3 clicks from full firm.

Ok,now these are my settings : shock at 210 psi,rebound at 0( I like it bouncy on my AM rigs) and Brain at 5 clicks from full open.
So,since I've followed Specialized's instructions at least about shock pressure is it something wrong to keep rebound and Brain like that ??

I've tried the suggested settings but the bike turns into a rocks and ditches-sucking machine only with consistent speed and rough terrain,while with my settings I love the pillow like comfort and security on every terrain and descent. Bob pedalling on flat stuff is not that compromised aswell

Also it seemed today that both shock and Brain completed a sort of break-in period. Brain made a couple of "clack" sounds(while on Specialized settings) an the shock seemed a lot more smooth in it's compression.

Thanks for any imputs
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    Set the brain how you like it. I have had my bike ten weeks now and have just about got it where I want, no idea how far from the recommended settings it is. Those settings are just a starting point.
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    Brain is totally personal, no rebound damping is very odd though, surprised you find that rideable!
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    The brain and rebound will love your settings as they are not working very hard.
    I have an old fox r with brain on my Stumpjumper and I find the recommended air pressures to high. Try 20 psi lower with rebound one or two clicks under the mid setting.

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