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Wilier La Triestina Mirage Lampre XL & Specialized Dolce

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Stolen from Eton Wick in BERKSHIRE this morning 16th Feb 2011 at approximately 5.30 am.

My 2009 immaculate Wilier La Triestina (Lampre Special Edition) XL and my girlfriend's 2010 Specialized Dolce (White with Burgundy decals) size 54.

Serial numbers Wilier: M8BWXL2500
Spesh: WUD092307373E

Contact Ross on 07867783181 or [email protected]




  • Went to view a Gumtree listed Specialized Dolce meeting the description of my girlfriend's bike on Saturday in Maida Vale.

    Listing details: 74233063 Steve on 07810432189 (Appears to have been taken off as I reported it.)

    Bike was clearly stolen. The boy's reason for having it was not believable. His knowledge of it was poor. He was very nervous. He turned up half an hour later and his 'scouts' had scoped the meeting place first to check for Police. Sounds crazy but it's true. We met at Maida Vale tube. Initially he wanted my girlfriend to go with him into the Mews to view it but we weren't having that! So he brought it out, on the phone the whole time and clearly uncomfortable. He actaully rang afterwards to ask whether there was a problem with the bike!

    Anyway, it was someone else's bike so spread the word. I've informed the Met as well.

    We had asked the Police to accompany us but they declined as Thames Valley were overstretched that day and suggested we go alone but not to confront the individual but if a successful identification of the bike was made to call 999.

    I'm afraid we are very much alone when it comes to finding stolen bikes, I dont think the Police care at all. My officer was completely ignorant of Ebay and how it worked and also the best way of finding information on the listing quickly without going down the formal enquiry application route which can take up to 5 days.

    So, still looking!

    Lock your bikes up well! The thieves used my dad's angle grinder to go through the Squire D lock and hedge trimmers to go through Kryptonite cables. So lock up your tools in the shed as well! A brick was enough to smash the padlock plate off the door. Neighbours saw them but didnt call the police!! Lessons learnt all round!

    (Sorry bit of a rant!)
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