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Buying individual sprockets

spezialspezial Posts: 142
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Is it possible to buy individual sprockets for a cassette? Just bought a new 12-25 cassette, and would like the option to swap the 25 for a 27 if I'm feeling wimpy.

I know in an ideal world it would be better to buy a whole new cassette, but I'm loathed to shell out another £50 for the privilege. Looked on all the major bike shop sites but couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.
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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,072
    which make/speed cassette?

    you can get them for some campag ones, and maybe the odd shimano too, but i think most shimano/sram are effectively one-piece (albeit with the smallest 1/2 cogs separate)

    if your current cassette comes apart then you might be in luck
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  • miche do single cogs, all you will need to do regardless of your cassette is pull out one of the single cogs and a spacer (usually one the smaller cogs,12,12,13,14 as mentioned above) and put the 27 on the freehub body, then put the spacer on and put the rest of your cassette back on (minus one cog). easy. i have done it many a time for the alps/very hilly rides. takes all of 5 minutes and costs about £5. nice eh?
  • spezialspezial Posts: 142
    It's an 8 speed Shimano BTW, which replaced a SRAM.

    Got my hopes up as I thought I remembered the sprockets coming off, but as Sungod said, it was just the first 2, the rest are fixed to the unit.

    What type of cassette can you change the sprockets on Hadron?
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Shimano 8 and 9 speed sprockets are interchangeable BTW. I believe you should still be able to order cogs from Shimano and I think Rose cycles list them on their site. Marchisio also make replacement cogs but I have never used them and can't vouch for their quality. Go to and click away to find your cassette and it will list part #'s for ordering cogs from your LBS.
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  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    Rose bikes sell individual Shimano sockets for almost all shimano. Prices are decent as well unless you need to replace 3 or more...
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