Upgrade to Tiagra or 10 Speed 105?

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I bought a relatively low spec Trek last summer to get some regular exercise now I'm not up to football etc. I love the move to cycling and I'm regularly riding 30 - 50 miles at the weekends and am generally happy with the bike with the exception of the Sora shifters which as most of you will know are very difficult to operate from the drops to change up. I was considering changing them for a set of Tiagra shifters which if I recover some of cost by selling the old Sora shifters on ebay (which tend to sell for between £30 - £40), the upgrade will cost me in the region of £70 or so. However after looking around I wonder whether it would be better to spend a little more and go to 10 speed 105? having looked around I can get the 105 shifters, 105 cassette and chain for around £160 so the cost once I have sold my old shifters will be about £130, i.e. about twice the cost of just changing to Tiagra Shifters. My RD is a Tiagra, I understand this will work fine with the 10 speed shifters?

Any thoughts, advice will be much appreciated.


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    Ask yourself - am I an up-grader?

    If so go straight to 105 - you are going to get to 10spd eventually so why not immediately.

    I would keep the Sora bits. Then when you decide to go carbon frame you can stick them back on the Trek and get a winter hack for free!