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New Trail Section Open At Gisburn

stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
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Just to let you all know we've open a new half kilometre section of single track at Gisburn Forest. It's all signed up and fully open. It's taken us six months almost to the day to build by hand but it's been worth it (IOHO). The new section cuts out over a mile of rather unpleasent fireroad near the start (after you've gone over the causeway) and takes you up to the start of the other volunteer built section of Homebaked.

It was a tad wet today but a good few riders braved the weather and christened the section (some while we were still finishing it :evil: ).

Anyway we finished off the day by walking out the next section we're planning to build. About a kilometre of new singletrack bypassing yet more fireroad on the other side of the bottom loop. It's going to be cracking riding but we're going to need all the help we can get to finish it any time soon. Anyone fancy helping us can PM me.
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  • Look forward to Riding it soon :D
  • Looking like i may make my first trip up on Sunday morning as Gisburn seems to be the only place in the country that hasn't got a nasty weather forcast, light rain in the afternoon apparently :D
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