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hi all, after a bit of advice if possible. i have tennis elbow in my left arm and after a ride my arm is painfull to the point of where i struggle to use it. av been told that cycling cud be contributing to the pain. but my doctors says not. was wondering if any other cyclists suffer with the same condition


  • Yes, I had tennis elbow on left, arm and golfers elbow on right arm, bloody murder it was.
    It was painfull riding, but both have cleared up a bit now tho.
    I still get a bit sore on longer rides, just keep chainging grip on the bars to eleviate the pain a bit. They are getting a lot better tho so dont think riding is making much difference.
    Tennis elbow should get better after about six months, if not visit your doctor.
  • Tennis elbow shouldn't be made worse (delayed in healing or more damage caused) by cycling but it will probably be more painful.

    You will probably find the use of a tennis elbow band useful both whilst cycling and at other times to reduce the pain.

    Research suggests that steroid injections give an immediate improvement in pain but no benefit long term and possibly a slightly worse outcome.

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    Get a neoprene tennis elbow support to take some pressure off when riding. Pay a bit of money for a good sturdy one, thin single layer ones aren't really up to the job.
    Mine took about 7/8 months to totally clear up.
  • Yes tennis elbow can be very painful,I have had it in the past not from cycling put from the type of work that i did.Went to works physio and he recommended me to use a THAMERT EPI-MED support .It certainly worked for me
    If you goggle product you will find plenty of imformation,hope this helps and you can carry on cycling
  • I used to get some elbow pain (which I've assumed was tennis elbow) after a lot of riding and found a couple of things helped.

    1) Good gloves and bar tape. I use Fizik Microtex now and it's fine, put on some old fasioned leather tape a while ago and the problem came right back... You could try double wrapping your bars, it would suck up a lot of the road buzz.

    2) Ride more and get fitter. The depressing answer that fixes a lot of problems. Better fitness (stronger muscles) means better supported joints. Apart from when I had the leather tape on I haven't had the problem in over 2 years which is pretty much when I got fit enough to join a club.

    Good luck sorting it out.
  • I had tennis elbow about 2 years ago. The doctor sent me for physio. It took about 6 months the totally clear up. I had to do specific exercises every day. Have a look on tinternet for the exercises. They seem to have worked for me.