Swapping components from small frame to bigger frame.

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Hello. I'm new to this site and not sure if this post is in the right place. Great site by the way.
I have been into road cycling for the last couple of years after taking my old mtb in for a service. Whilst the bike was in for a few days the shop owner kindly gave me a "proper" road bike to use....I had never ridden a proper road bike and was very impressed with it....so much so that i sold my MTB bike and bought the very racing bike i was given to use...along with all the "right kit".
The bike is a Sunn Motive...Alu frame, carbon forks, 9.3kgs with Tiagra gears and shimano fittings....(I'm not too clued up about bikes and the bits that make them go fast but this seems like a good first bike)I think its a very very nice bike...Now the problem I have is that i think its too small for me (after 2 or more years of riding it i was beginning to feel something was'nt quite right). I am 5.11 . 32 inside leg and 12 stone and the bike size appears to be small as i recently measured the seat tube from crank case to the top of the seat tube...which is 50cm. I believe the right size for me should be maybe 56 or 58 cms. I have tried all the adjustments possible on the bike and am sure its just not the right size.
I could px it for another bike that fits me or i could buy a bigger frame and bars (maybe a posh carbon job) and swap all the components from the Sunn to the new frame...but I'm not sure if that would work. i am pretty handy with a spanner and would get myself the right tools before i started....but what I'm not sure about though is if its straight forward...or would diametres etc be different on a slightly bigger frame!
Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • The main things to check would be headtube length, because if they are massivly differnt the old fork may not fit in the new frame, also the seatube might be a differnt diamter meaning a new seatpost, and the front mech might mount differntly.

    You would also need to replace the cables and chain because the differnt size of the new frame.

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  • Thanks for that reply. Could turn out to be more trouble than its worth...especially for a newbie. Maybe i will sell the Sunn and buy another bike that fits me.