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autumn/spring gloves advice needed

DocsavageDocsavage Posts: 58
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annoyingly I ve lost my 'mid' gloves.

I've got an ace pair of lightweight ones, and some brilliantly warm winter gloves, but I had a pair of Alturas which were ideal for cool/windy/wet road riding, and I've gone and lost the damn things.

I cannot remember the model for the life of me, so has anyone got good suggestions for the best weather proof, but not super warm gloves for spring/autumn rides
One thing I'm fussy on is they need to have a decent wrist length and velcro strap if possible.

thanks in advance if you can help
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  • Probably not the answer you're looking for, but I simply use full-fingered gloves from Tesco. £3.99. Not weather-proof due to the large towelling snot-wipe area on the thumb. If I need them to be waterproof I simply wear PVC disposables over the top!
  • i recently bought a pair of (i think) pearl izumi cyclone gloves on special offer at evans which i've found to be excellent so far
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  • DeFeet do a thin set that were reviewed on this site recently and are ideal for your needs. They cost about £11 I think
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