Wilier Izoard XP Centaur 2011

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Any opinions on the 2011 model? How does it compare with the 2010 Izoard Centaur


  • Not sure but I love Wilier.. I used to have the basic model La Treistina. Such nice bikes!

    Couldn't afford any carbon frames so when for a Boardman Team Carbon...I WILL get another Wilier at some point!

    Good luck with finding your answer!
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  • cumbriamike

    general opinion seems to be last years was better than this years - as if space has been made for the gran Turismo in the line up - I almost bought a GT before finding a fantastic deal on a Cento - but love Wilier, so good hunting.

    PM me if you need detail
  • ive got a 2010 izoard in lampre colours great great bike i live in mallorca and do around 200 miles a week on it. Had it for 2 months now BUT my other bike has Ultegra and my wilier has campag centaur do yourself a favour and get one with shimano mines off to the shop tonight again 5th time in a month the whole campag thing is a joke and if it keeps up im flogging it as its an exceptional bike let down 100percent by the gears. If it goes wrong again its going in a skip. great bike though!
  • andyoh
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    The 2010 Izoard was high modular carbon where the 2011 Izoard isn't.

    I had a 2010 Izoard which had a crack in the carbon onthe top tube. It was replaced with a Gran Turismo after parting with some extra cash for the upgrade.

    As someone above has said the 2011 Izoard was down graded to make way for the Gran Turismo.
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    Just found out I can get these in Ireland, was thinking of a Cannondale CAAD, Planet X, Eddy Merkx (if I could get the right model here, they don't sell all types here) or a Cube
    I can get a 2010 Izoard for €1800, from what I've been reading here & elsewhere good buy? Even if it's Campag Centaur? Have always been Shimano but why not try Italian I guess.