Muddy Fox road shoes

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Sports Direct are selling Muddy Fox road shoes for only £29.99, does any one no if they are any good?



  • redvee
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    For the money they look OK but are only for Look & SPD-SL cleats. Limited sizes available too. ... oes-144005

    Might be tempted with the MTB shoes as they are compatible with SPDs, will be hitting the shops later and might find them if I look carefully.
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  • redvee
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    Seems they are only available online according to the salesman I asked in the shop today.
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  • I have seen them in the shop. They look OK but a bit cheap (guess that should be expected though). Only time would tell if they would stand up to the rigours of life. Worth a punt at that price, just don't expect too much.
  • ga1
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    Bought a pair of these from the shop in Doncaster, to use in the winter instead of my Shimano's. Fit great and cannot really tell any difference from wearing the Shimano's.

    Obviously they may not last as long but then they only cost half as much
  • dhb also do a road shoe for the same money at

    anyone any experience with these?
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  • The dhb R1s are nearly £50, so twice the price of the Muddy Fox ones.
  • tigerben
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    Muddy fox is just a brand owned by Mike Ashley - no cycling expertise/hertitage to the name anymore... just generic cheap shoes knocked off for lowest price possible using the glamour of faded brand to justify the price. And those shoes where never seriously marketed for £70 a pair. They would have been that price for minimum time possible in one store only - sufficient to satisfy minimum legal requirement.

    I would avoid as probably a rip off even at £30.