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DT rims Vittoria tyres

WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
edited February 2011 in Workshop
Never had such a tight combination of tyre/rims.
Broke 2 park tyre levers just trying to get them on.


  • Fat HeadFat Head Posts: 765
    Likewise! Just replaced worn out open pro rims with dt swiss and can't get the paves on.

    Gutted as the tyres are not old and were intended for winter use but have to use fortezzas which I dont like in the wet. :(
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    They will go on but you need big guns and good levers.
    I've never had to use levers to get the first side of a tyre on the rim.
    Used the tyres for the first time today and it was wet wet wet.Pretty impressed considering they are not scrubbed in yet.
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Yep, great tyres but a pain to mount on almost any rim. What i do is make sure that the rim is cold (put it outside for a while or so) and I heat up the tyre a bit by laying it on the central heating for a while. That way the rim contracts and the tyre expands and gets a bit more supple. It's only very little of course, but it seems to help. And, you need strong tyre levers, after breaking countless other levers, I now use Schwalbe. So far they appear to be indestructable.
    Hope that helps!
  • Fat HeadFat Head Posts: 765
    Even if I did get them on in the comfort of my own home having to change a tube midride and the potential problem of not being able to get the tyre back on (or off in this instance!) is enough for me to forget about this combo of wheel/tyre....
  • ElioElio Posts: 63
    Nice thing about the Paves is that you won't have to change a tube midride. (I shouldn't have said that, should i? I know what's going to happen on my next ride :wink: )
    Seriously though, once you've pumped them up to pressure, the tyre seems to stretch a bit so next time it's a lot easier to mount
  • WamasWamas Posts: 256
    Talc powder in the tyre makes things alot easier.
    And if it still doesn't go on, use the pinch and toe strap technique.
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