Help Choosing Wheels

anotheroneontheway Posts: 159
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After a bit of a 'coming-to' with a Toyota Hi Lux, I'm about to replace my Mavic Aksiums.

I've narrowed it down to:

Pro Lite Meranos (£146)
Fulcrum 5s (£149)
Shimano RS30s (£149)
or another pair of Aksiums (£149)

Any experience or recommendations?

Leaning towards the Pro Lites at the moment.


  • Hello matey, sorry to hear about your accident.

    I was looking at all the same wheels a few weeks ago. To many to choose from and not enough advice on which set to buy.

    Until I found these beautys

    KINETIC ONE K1 wheel set ( black or White )

    Fantastic looking 30mm aero rims and spokes and very very strong.

    Give them a ring, they are very helpful and friendly.