Rear wheel truing problem

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I have just build my first wheel carefully following some reliable online instructions, and it's been fine up to the truing stage. The wheels laterally true to within a few mm, and vertically fairly true as well, but heres the problem, 3 or 4 spokes are very loose and the nipples are fully tightened. i know this means the wheel will be very weak, so how do i solve this problem and get these loose spokes tight?

Thank you!!


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    Is the wheel dished properly?
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    as above, also check spoke placement make sure you not got one or 2 driveside in none driveside, how much thread lengh you got on the majority of the rest of the spokes. check your cross patern.
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    incorrect lacing.
    incorrect spoke lengths.

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  • Sweet thanks for the replies and tips guys. Just triple checked my lacing and yes i managed to cross two spokes incorrectly. Also checked dish and that wasn't great so shifted that over and bingo i'm sorted.