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newbie here

jasonhjasonh Posts: 5
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Moved to a nice area in edinburgh, canal path and wooded track area 5 mins from my front door.
decided it would be great to get myself a bike for family trips, last bike i owned was a raleigh rapid sis racer bought 1988 sold 1992 after geting a car.
Not knowing much about mountain bikes and having a family budget i made my merry way to halfords, the shop assistant talked me into buying a apollo crossway 20" frame reduced from £400 to £200 a bargain i thought.

the frame size was perfect for me according to the assistant im 5' 9". yeah right crash bang whallop later tried to take it back stating the frame was to big no joy they would'nt refund me. that was last summer really put me off cycling and dumped the bike in the garage.

glad i stumbled onto this site great place to get lots of information and it rekindled my interest in cycling
ive just sold the crossway and got myself a 2nd hand gt avalanche 1.0 18" frame and wow the difference is night and day.

cant wait till the spring and summer


  • Stoo61Stoo61 Posts: 1,394
    Welcome. Edinburgh is a great base for some great riding once you get bitten.
  • MigginsMiggins Posts: 433
    jasonh wrote:
    cant wait till the spring and summer

    That doesn't mean you'll be waiting until then to ride, does it? You'll be missing out on some advantages of winter riding. Get yourself some decent wet weather clobber and get out there now (says me, on the sofa with a cup of tea and not out riding in the rain)! Then, when Spring comes you'll enjoy the fair-weather riding that much more having learnt some good skills by coping with slippery roots, mud etc. :wink:

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and to the happy days of MTBing.
    After uphill there's downhill
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