Replacing my ALX wheels...What would you do.

smikeymikey Posts: 7
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Hi I have a ultegra Sl equipped is as it was off the peg except tyres which were replaced.

The wheels are a low end ALX..which have been trued twice and I have now been told by LBS that this is as good as they will get as there is a couple mm of horizontal movement on the rear that I dont want to live with. Plust they look cack and am sure they are quite heavy although I cant find the weight anywhere. As the weather slowly improves I wish to upgrade. Roads used are essex lanes so not to bad at all. I only racing or anything similar so am guessing that around the 300 (100 quid either way is no issue) quid mark will get me a decent wheelset that will last me some time?.Fulcrum 3's 5's Mavic Krysiums, Easton EA50 SL's. obvious choices.I am just a shade over 70Kg around 11 stone.

Any recommendations......and are the ALX wheels really as crap as I think they are!