Abus Granit X-Plus (and X-Plus 54) locks

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I recently invested in an Abus Granit X-Plus 54 lock, thanks to the outstanding reviews they seem to be getting from this site :o) I have three questions about them, can anyone help?

1: When I say that I bought a X-Plus 54, what I mean is I think I did! The retailer that I purchased it from gave me a lock that looks identical to one, but I did not notice the number '54' on it's packaging. I know that there is a "X-Plus" and an "X-Plus 54" which is slightly superior. Is there anyway I can identify which lock I actually have?

2: Being "almost indestructable" I was wondering if anyone has been unfortunate yet to have theirs broken (and bike stolen) yet?? I realize that nothing is 100% indestructable, but I'm just wondering if anyone has had theirs fail them yet?

3: Another thing I am wondering about, is if anyone has had any problems with using their "CodeKey" to get replacement keys for their Granit? Or are Abus genuinely flawless in replacing lost keys?? I'm just wondering about this, in case I stupidly lose my keys at some point!



  • you could try posting this in the commuting forum too as they know about locks, as their bikes are left all day outside with scum walking past them all day.
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    Can't comment on the differences if any between the two locks but the key replacement procedure can be done via your local Abus dealer or contacting Zyro the importers. I looked into the costs and was quoted upto £7 for my ABUS Granit City Chain X-Plus 1060, maybe more for the led key.
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    I forgot that my key was an LED key! I would iimagine an LED key would be alot more expensive to get replaced...

    (Why they used a BLUE rather than white LED boggles me... assuming it's an aid to help find the keyslot in the dark)