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Which Gilet to go over a Gore oxygen thermo Jersey?

drudru Posts: 1,341
edited February 2011 in Road buying advice
Hi people,

Recently purchased the following Gore oxygen Jersey. ... 5360053407

Last weekend went out in the wind and rain and it was pretty good (only had a base layer on underneath (previously I've have alsorts on and never been warm and dry etc etc.

Anyhow - last weekend was a little warmer than of late - so I'm thinking I might need to completment this jacket with a gillet of some kind.

Has anyone got any recommendations for what sort of gillet I should be looking at - or if it's going over a jersey like this then it does not really matter?

Reason I say there are windstoppers etc which have temperature ratings - is this to mean you don't overheat wearing them in the summer?


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