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"Classic" wheel build, 15/17 gauge spokes?

Captain TurokCaptain Turok Posts: 686
edited February 2011 in Road general

I'm building up a late 1950's bike an I've now got virtualy all the parts. Including a pair of NOS 27" rims and BHC Airlite hubs. Just need the spokes!

I've seen on the Classic Lightweights site reference to 15/17 gauge spokes as being "correct". Now (being a noob to older bikes) I'm not entirely sure if that's a butted spoke, or if it means using 15gauge(1.8mm) spokes on the front and 17gauge(1.4mm) spokes on the rear?

Either way I'm not finding anything. Can any one point me in the right direction an offer some guidance?

Many thanks & kind regards
*Rock Lobster Team Tig SL (22lb 14oz)
*C. Late 1950's Fixed Gear
*1940 Raleigh Dawn Tourist with rod brakes


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