road bike for my wife

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I'm looking to get a sub £800 road bike for my wife, needs to be pretty small though either 44 or 45, what would people recommend? 8)


  • I've been looking at similar things (also finally convinced the wife to get back on the bike) and I've found not many options -

    Giant Avail 2
    Specialized Dolce
    Trek Lexa S (don't seem to come small enough for you)
    Bianchi (great for a fitter rider, low front end (head tube length) compared to most of the female specific frames)

    We've test ridden everything but the Giant (I got on for a quick sprint to see if any of them have any flaws that I can think of). The Bianchi felt nice and lively but the Specialized felt kind of lumpen. Not sure how much to attribute that to the frame and how much to the wheels though.
  • ct4oc wrote:
    I'm looking to get a sub £800 road bike for my wife

    For one minute I thought you was looking for a swap deal!


    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
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    don't tempt me!


    She used (18 years and 2 kids ago) to ride a lot, TT and other racing, just wants something to get back on it initially, we've looked at the bianchi and specialized and I think the bianchi comes out on top for us, one other option is one of the ribble carbon bikes would just come into the price range but i'm not sure what they're like for the money?
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    my wife has a specialized ruby ( carbon version of dolce ) and loves it. You may get one close to £1000 if last years model.

    Dolce will be fine, altthough cxp22 rims need changing
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    been out and tried a few yesterday, settled on the bianchi! thank you for your help 8)
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    Of the bike! Obviously :lol:
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    lol, it's pink and white, she wanted the limited edition infinito in Italian flag colours but at £1870 f&f I don't think she could justify it! :lol:
  • What! you let her out of the kitchen :lol: Nice bike was thinking along the same lines for my missus :)
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    ct4oc wrote:
    nice looking bike - but not as sweet as the Pink Plant X that is floating around Abu Dhabi

    and on the forum it seems
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    now that's pink!