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Shimano SLR - wossat then?

leighzleighz Posts: 175
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Shimano 'SLR' - does that include all the road brifter levers? eg. 105, tiagra, ultegra etc????



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Shimano Linear Response - something to do with a return spring and some means of keeping cable pull constant...not single-lens reflex or self-loading rifle
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  • leighzleighz Posts: 175
    self-loading rifle - every cyclist needs one

    so - SLR cables - will they work with tiagra/105/ultegra etc?
  • Yep. It's years old technology really - late 1980s?

    Stands for 'Shimano Linear Response', and what it means is they put a return spring in the brake lever as well as in the caliper. Which means the spring in the caliper can be weaker while still returning the lever and caliper to their 'off' positions when you've finished braking. Which means a lighter lever pull and more sensitive braking.

    Some people hated it back then ('it's not like a Super Record caliper!'), but all braking systems have it now one way or another.
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  • leighzleighz Posts: 175
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