Dura ace 7850sl on CAAD9

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Finally taken the plunge and bought a pair of Dura ace 7850sl with Vittoria Pave Evo. Just taken it out for a spin - what a transformation! Wheels feel really fast and precise. Acceleration and sprinting feel so much more positive than on the Ultegra wheels i had before. For £475 (wheels and tyres) it seems like a fantastic upgrade, not that much lighter but the bike feels much tauter and more racy and responsive than before. looks great too!


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    Yup, that old placebo effect don't half make some difference :lol:
  • Totally and utterly TRUE dude! Where would we be without the placebo effect, worth every penny IMO. If it looks good it will make you faster because you want to ride the bike more and you will go faster and then you will want to ride................
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    ....and then the wife finds your credit card statement and you need to ride faster cos she's gaining on you and she wants to put your bollocks in the Breville......
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    ....and then the wife finds your credit card statement and you need to ride faster cos she's gaining on you and she wants to put your bollocks in the Breville......

    In my younger days of toying with cars there was a group called the Underground Upgrade Club (UUC). They would offer safe haven to let couriers drops parts at a mates house so the wife wouldn't find out, let you work on your car at someone else's garage, that sort of thing :-)

    It used to be said that the best way to justify an upgrade to the SO was safety. But dear, these new wheels will let me brake faster - I don't want to spend all that money but you don't want me to have an accident do you?
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  • I usually get extra stuff delivered to my work place and fit it at lunchtime or after work, commute home - no none knows the difference! Also i find encouraging my wife to buy expensive clothes a good way of "offsetting" the cost of a new set of wheels!
  • Is it the hubs which make these wheels better on acceleration & sprinting or just general lightness.....
  • The hubs are lovely, really beautifully finished but I'm not sure they make a difference to acceleration or stiffness. The rims are scandium which is supposed to be really tough so this may make a difference. The wheels are about 150 grammes lighter than the ultegra 6700 they replaced but such a small difference shouldn't have a major effect on acceleration. They feel alot stiffer, really noticable up front when sprinting, making the bike feel really lively. Perhaps the spokes are under higher tension. Perhaps it's just the placebo effect after all!
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    Matt, i would say 150 g to save on a rotating mass is quite a bit and you will notice the benefit , you think these are good you should try the CL 24 !! even lighter
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    Sounds great. Get some pics/updated photos in the Your Road Bikes forum.