help needed on a new crank??
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Hi people i need your help please. My brother has a standard carrera vulcan disc spec i believe it to be a 2007 as it has a red frame, correct me if i am wrong. I need a new crank and was wondering what crank i would need ??? Any recommendatrions would be great aswell as any other advice , budget is about £50. thanks


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    The 2007 spec's a Suntour XCT chainset, square taper BB.
    Suntour use the JIS square taper bottom brackets,so any square taper crankset from Shimano,Truvativ etc will work fine.

    You can't really knock this crankset ,you could do a lot worse for the price.
    If you are having trouble deciding on crank length go for a 175mm its about average. ... elID=46025
  • For a little bit more he could upgrade to a deore M590 including a new BB. The frame would need facing though.
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    He could but the hassle is not worth it for the cost involved IMHO.
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    second the Deore. For £15 over the budget you get a much better crank with a bottom bracket that will last years rather than months, better shifting & it is noticeably stiffer when cranking the pedals hard.
    I had the Suntour XCT crankset on my Hardrock & upgraded to Shimano Deore & surprisingly it was one of the best upgrades I have made to the bike. I wouldn't go back to square taper, too flexy and they last me no more than a couple of months.

    Shimano Deore crank here. £65 here, including bottom bracket. Excellent value. ... t_1939.htm
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    His budget is only £50,and an internal BB will usually out last an external by a long way.
    Yes external bearing types are stiffer but for your average rider,you would be hard pushed to notice the difference ,my octalink BB on my HT has out lasted my external race face and deore cranks , still going strong for 2 years,while my raceface only lasted 6months just longer for the deore.

    The weather and conditions will dictate bearing life,before price or design,IMHO.