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Training advice for SS Worlds & Kielder 100

LukeHurstLukeHurst Posts: 93
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Hi all,

I’ve recently entered both the single speed worlds and the Kielder 100. They are a week apart with the SS Worlds held during August bank hols and Kielder a week later. I need some advice on how to prepare for these events bearing in mind that one is a short 40km event on a single speed and the other is a very long endurance race on a geared bike.

I’m used to training for long periods for road racing and I have been on a few training camps to Majorca in recent years, so I know I can put the hours in when required. I’ve raced on the road to quite a high standard but I made the switch to MTB racing last summer. I’ve continued racing through the winter by taking part in the Thetford winter series and I am currently a top 40 rider in the 2-hour solo male category (I’m still a MTB novice having done less than 10 races in total) I would say that my current general fitness is 7/10 and my race fitness is 6/10.

I was planning on training for the endurance side of things but I know that this will have a negative effect on the shorter sprint events like the SS worlds. Can anyone recommend some specific training both on/off the bike that I can incorporate into my training? Diet advice would be appreciated also.

I’m 27 years old if that makes any difference.




  • grantusgrantus Posts: 690
    40km offroad on singlespeed is hardly short or sprint matey!!!
  • AndyD2574AndyD2574 Posts: 1,034
    Did teh Kielder 100 last year (awesome!!).

    I ride Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of miles!!.....

    Loads of 100 milers on teh road and as much off road 30 milers as possible.

    No real training strategy but make sure its quality when I am out.
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  • I train on the road quite a bit at the moment and also use a SS for off road riding. I'm gonna be doing 24 & 12 hr enduros this year.
    Currently I do all my 'serious' stuff on the road including a 4-6 hour base ride and then 3 hilly 2 hour road rides. At the weekend I ride the SS for 2-3 hours on a sunday to keep the skills fresh and for the shear fun I get from SSing.
    I always train by duration rather than miles as I was once told by an old coach that your body doesnt know miles only time.
    I'm currently on about 10-14 hours a week depending on weather/family etc. I tend to train 3 weeks on and one week recovery but I do listen to my body and if I feel extra tired etc I will go 2 weeks on 1 week easy. Got kids as well so sometimes it just gets disrupted by school stuff/illness.

    Off the bike I do weights on a non/slow riding week for core and upper body
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