Specialized Toupe Width

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Just started riding a Specialized Toupe Team 130mm saddlke and finding it very comfy, if a little more firm than my 143 rival.

Is there any correlation between rider build and saddle width or is it specific to each individuals sit bone spacing?


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    I suspect very few people will have conducted the required analysis to give you an accurate answer to that question!

    My guess is that it will be very individual.
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    The latter, as in "specific to each individual's sit bone spacing" which is why a Specialized store will get you to sit on some memory foam before measuring the indentations left. Most folks tend to be 143 but the emphasis is on most.

    If sizing was based on asre size then there would have to be a much greater range of sizes, judging by some of the sights I see :)
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    I see

    was mainly asking as I have purchsed a 130mm and only having tried the 143 Rival (which is padded) I am comfier on the 130 (143 seems to chaff a little on inner thigh, espescially padded version).

    I am 6'2 and 13st 8lb so not exactly small, so was really wondering if the size of rider should determine the width of saddle.

    Thanks for your help so far
  • Saddles are an imprecise science, and I guess it is a case of trying a few until you find something you are happy with, and then sticking to that design, assuming they still get made.

    It might not be entirely incorrect to say that lighter riders need less padding. But it all matters what type of roads you ride over - there's a big difference between roads in the UK and roads in parts of Continental Europe.
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    More important is getting the right shape of saddle. I measured up for a 143 Toupe and used it for a couple of years. At times it was rather hard on my sit bones. I now use a Selle Italia Flite Gel-flo. This is only 130mm but has a more curved shape across the rear part. It spreads the load much better and suits my back end fine.