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I've bought a bike off of ebay, and although it's too late, I would like to know whether I got a good deal or not. My only doubt is the fact that the bike's 2-3 years old.

It's a 2009 CAAD9 Tiagra, it's in full working order and looked in good nick. Had apparently been used regularly and maintained well (eBay description). It also has a brand new rear wheel and cassete and comes with LOOK pedals (don't know which, I'm assuming the entry level ones.)

I got it for £400.

I'm looking and I can get 2011 aluminium bikes with sora, for around £200 more. I know the CAAD9 gets good reviews, but how much does the age de-value it?



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    If when it arrives, all is well and the bike is as descibed. You've got yourself a good deal.
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  • Thanks.
    There's so many choices out there, that you can't help thinking; 'maybe I should have got that instead....' :D
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    why does it have a brand new rear wheel? why is it so cheap?

    has it been in an accident?
  • The description said that it has not been involved in any accidents. I will have to see when I pick it up. I am protected by laws if the bike isn't as described. I'll have to check for any signs of damage that may have been caused by a crash. I'll look up how to spot signs of structural damage. If the description hadn't said "It has not been involved in any accidents" It would be different.

    As to why he replaced the rear wheel. I don't know. An upgrade perhaps because the original wheel kept buckling? The wheels that come with Tiagra CAAD9's are budget ones so that's what I had assumed.
    Maybe I should ask...
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    I'd be well chuffed with that if it's as described.

    Slightly jealous actually!
  • Cheers,
    Thats the key phrase though: "as described..."
    I'll be able to get my money back if it isn't though, thanks to paypal.
    I'd prefer it to be "as described" though. It sounds like I got myself a good deal :D
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    Looks like you got a good deal.

    Don't worry, be happy.
  • Yes.
  • Looks like you got a good deal.

    Don't worry, be happy.


    I like that song :D
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    Hey you've bought a CAAD9, and it's a black one. What's not to like? Nice one .......
  • :D
    I've been reading about CAAD9's on here quite a bit.
    Sounds like they're good bikes to say the very least! :lol:
    Can't wait to find out why 8)

    I'm chuffed now, looks like I was looking on eBay at the right time. When I saw it, it had only been on eBay for an hour.
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    Bargain, it cost about 1000 new. Love the colour too.

    Great bike, I have the older CAAD5 which I too paid 400 for second hand a few years ago. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • nice steal there matey!

    £400 quid BARGAIN! and you spent an hour on ebay? i didnt realise people stayed on there for that long lol. RT Tester
    north west of england.
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    you spent an hour on ebay? i didnt realise people stayed on there for that long lol.

    You clearly don't spend enough time drooling over some of nice bikes and parts they have for sale, shame on you Sir! I suggest searching for Colnago, Pinarello or similar - much better way to spend your evening than watching the telly :-) - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • hehe :D i do look sometimes and some of the bikes are incredible! shame i dont have the money... lol. RT Tester
    north west of england.
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    now ive seen the listing ask to see his shoes and cleats.

    it seems too good to be true.

    i really hope its all kosher and good because thats a stunning deal
  • He's not selling any shoes, however any pedals probably going to be a step up for me because I'm currently using some £15 pedals which are basically LOOK copies.

    Do you think that it is actually too good to be true and that something must be wrong?
    Up untill earlier today I just thought it was what a 2 year old bike was worth. Let alone too good to be true!
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    i dont mean to buy the shoes/cleats but to see whether he actually has them. if he does then its less likely to be stolen.

    there doesnt appear to be much information on the sale link which is unusual IMO. its also unusual for a cyclist to sell the pedals with a bike (again IMO).

    im not scaremongering im just giving my view on the ebay link, it screams dodgy to me. although he hasnt insisted on cash on collection which is nice. i hope you havent paid him yet. if you do pay him via paypal at his house on his computer id advise changing your password to something simple before you go and back to a more complex password after. remember the seller also has NO feedback whatsoever which again doesnt inspire confidence IMO.

    i hope im completely wrong though!
  • I have paid; via paypal.
    If I go to pick up the bike and there is anything wrong with it, doesn't paypal have buyer protection for items bought off of ebay?
  • Yes it does.

    Check the bike very carefully.Go over the frame and check all the welds,make sure there are no bulges,indicating crash damage,etc.

    I saw a new 2010 CAAD9 Tiagara,in Liquigas colours for £725 on Pauls Cycles,the other day and was sorely tempted.

    If its good £400 is a bargain.

    I bought my trek 1200 in immaculate condition,for £300,so there are good secondhand deals around if you look hard enough.
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  • Hmm, no feedback and little information included in the listing......screams possible stolen bike to me so be careful and ask him some questions as to where the seller got the bike and what kind of riding they have done, how many miles on the frame, etc
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    have we got an update?

    i really hope the OP hasnt been burnt
  • Not yet,
    I paid via eCheque, so It's going to take another 5-7 days to clear my acount :roll:
    Then once cleared I'm supposed to pick up the bike. I will do a thorough check for damage.

    I'll post on here in a few days when I get the bike....if I don't post.....well it means I'm sobbing in a corner somewhere :wink:
  • When I buy anything I'm going to pick up I always use cash. If its as described they get the money.
    With someone with little or no feedback, wouldn't pay before seeing it.
  • Yeh, I won't make that mistake again.
    I just hope that all's well and the bike is as described.
  • As you will now be worrrying for a week I'll give you some balance the other way

    The bike has been used regularly, has a large pump on it, is described as a Gents bike and is for collection only.

    I think you will find it is a polite middle aged man who does commuting and all will be fine
  • I have emailed him a number of times and he seems very polite and helpfull.
    But maybe all swindlers are like this. I wonder how many times it's been said: "he seems like a nice guy......" lol.

    Thanks though. :D
  • Wow, Chuffed! :D

    The bike looks awesome. I can only find 1 tiny scratch on the frame. It's really clean and polished. The guy definately looked after it. the cassete is brand new and shiney :D The spokes on the wheels are kind of flat so they're aero. It came with the saddle bag and pump too. And not forgetting the pedals an upgrade from my current one's.

    The bike looks awesome! Pictures of the CAAD9 on the internet don't do it justice, it's beast 8) and all this for £400!! So yeh, I'm pretty happy with it :) . The guy was really nice and helpfull describing how thoroughly he'd cleaned it, and it showed.

    The only problem I've found is that one of the bottle cage bolts had been cross threaded, and now wont come out. :( But no fear, a mate of mine has the gun which puts the popper thing in, so I have to take the old one out and put a new one in. The saddles a fizik airone, which is nice as I was going to buy one. I may buy one in white though...

    The bike fits very well. According to Cannondales website the bikes the right size for my height. Oh and it has brand new special gel bar tape, which is very comfy. The rear wheel is an aksium.

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    A happy ending to the story. Enjoy it