Returning rider seeks new bike advice!

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Hi all,

I am looking to get back into biking now that I have finished playing footie. I haven't ridden seriously in about 10yrs and have an old rigid Rockhopper which just isn't up to the task now.

I have about 1k up to max 1,250 to splash on a new steed but soooo much has changed so I am looking for a steer in the right direction.

I am from the Edinburgh area so would be planning to go to Glentress/Innerleithen and poss Carron Valley and like the idea of a FS. I'm 36 5'8 and still pretty fit.

So far I've looked at the Boardman FS Pro but can't get my hands on one now as the 2011's are immenent so am going to wait to see them, but in the meantime there are tons of deals - and I'm confused!

For example I've seen a BMC Trailfox SF03 for 1099 down from 1799 - any good?

or would a HT be more suitable for trail centres?

Sorry this is a bit long,

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  • Hello Moster and welcome to the forum.

    Like yourself i have made a return to mountain biking after a good few years away (7 to be exact).
    But unlike you my budget only stretched to £650.
    If i had your budget i would have gone for the Giant Trance X4. it won the best on test trail bike in feb edition of MBR magazine and you can pick one up for just under a grand.

    Here is the link ... 7472&rs=gb
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    I have a 2000 (I think) Rockhopper (retro orange and black) and have just bought a Genesis Altitude 00 (last years model - £850 rrp) and I'm well chuffed, it's a HUGE improvement on the rockhoppper.

    If you go for a hardtail I would recommend looking at the Latitude 01 / 02 /03 or which ever one fits your budget. The spec just improves with price.

    PS I tried a cannondale trial and the new rockhopper and much prefered the Genesis.

    EDIT - There is no "03" but the 01 fits your budget!
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    I have a bmc trailfox tf03 and I love it go for the bmc you get alot for the money and the suspension is great you need to choose between these three. ... mo=Content ... e-ec023050 ... e-ec021152

    Its hard to choose but if you will be jumping go for the 140mm bike if your not jumping go for the 120mm tf02 and if you want to save some cash go for the 120 tf03. They are all great bikes so no matter what you cant go wrong for sure. My bike is so plush and handles so good. Let me know what you choose oh yeah and the build quality is great.

    I recently changed from a Ht to a FS and for trail riding I don't know how I ever got along with a HT compared to the FS in my opinion.

    What kind of riding will you do?? I am from Germany so I am not familiar with your trails.